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, but the justice department targeting the ap, hitting companies to promote the health care law. i could go on and on and on. i think there are a lot of these that could differentiate from watergate. what do you think? >> watergate was a totally different situation. first of all, the media was against the president. in this case, the media, except for fox news, is for the president and is laying down their lives to defend him despite a slight showing of rebellion in the white house press room. the main thing as charlie said, in watergate we were facing very big inflation and stagflation because of the oil embargo. demand was falling rapidly. earnings per share were falling rapidly. that's what the market cares about. it doesn't care about humiliating mr. obama. it wouldn't care one bit if mr. obama left and mr. biden took over and chuckles the clown took over after him. it cares about earnings per share, adjusted for inflation compared with other investments. these earnings have nothing to do with that. >> neil: by the way, chuckles the clown, no offense to you in the joe biden comparison.
as they implement this big, huge landmark law. the obama administration knows that. if she is tainted by this scandle, that is something they are going to have to make a decision if she is going to continue to head this office of implementing the tax provisions of the new law. the bulk is going into effect in a few months. this lab huge issue in the next election. that is something that the republicans and white house will be looking into it. >> jamie: it's interesting that you bring that up. congressional approval polls continue to be down and recent gallup poll, 16% approve of congress. do you think benghazi the a.p. hold over until the next congressional election? >> depending on where they go, they are definitely going to be going on for next several months are there going to be more controversies coming up to the six to 18 months. it remains to be seen. but i think obamacare will be a bigger issue than these investigations because we'll see if law is working or whether it is not. that will be the bigger fodder for the election. >> jamie: we know it's the law of the land. bob, gre
the healthcare law? >> a whole bunch, paul. this is the largest social program they have been ever been asked to implement. they enforce the individual mandated to buy health insurance also to pay a tax penalty. a mandate on businesses to provide right kind of health insurance. there are 47 major changes of tax laws and they have a much larger policy making role in terms of regulation, what counts as workweek. who counts as a full time worker. >> paul: how many new workers have they asked for? >> they have asked for 1900 full time equivalent for 2014. the affordable care act is big part of the irs. that is about 700 people directly working on it and whole bunch of people brought in. >> paul: they are going to connect data from different parts of the government, big new database? >> right with the hhs they are building something they are building something called the federal data hub. >> paul: that is what we need. [ laughter ] >> if you have the right healthy care and cross that with homeland security and huge information technology. >> paul: just so i understand. if i under pay my taxes, i s
their rights under the law. >> greta: what do you make of the fact that there was this sort of staged question to ms. lerner before the report came out? what was that all about? explain what happened and what was the point of all of that? >> we just learned of that in the hearing and clear early what they he did was staged the redisease of this information and completely ignored the congress or official channels in terms of getting it out and i think they thought they were going to get this behind them in a 24 hour news seekle. the problem is we had been asking tore this information and so the fact that that was that plan makes me think this was not just a few people in one area that knew about this or a few low level people and that others were arent involved in orchestrating a planned leak of it. it is a fairly sophisticated p.r. tactic and i question whether the irs thought of that all by themselves. that was just confirmed in the hearing. something we didn't know before. we do know that now and we can look further in that area. >> greta: am i correct that ms. lerner who was head of the tax
the healthcare law for all of us. they can't be trusted with our dreams and be trusted with our health? plus... shut your computer and turn off your phone. uncle sam is peeping on i, invading phone records and even facebook accounts. the scandal that no one is talking about. and it could cost you dearly at the pump. kark in starts right now. >> i'm eric boling. our "cashin' in" crew will be in here a moment. once a tea party just the beginning. an irs official targeting skoust groups, now in charge of the division to set and enforce health care laws. any search bachmann is fighting back. >> eric: the irs admitted to targeting conservative groups in deciding whether they would get nonprofit status. the same group is now charged with implementing and regulating obamacare. do we trust them to do analytical a fair and balanced way? >> already the irs is most feared federal agency there is. now, they made their life worse because they understand that the american people are catching on. they have to enforce obamacare for all americans. no one will escape this death like grip of the irs. people sh
with more. so joe, what new powers is the irs getting under the health care law? >> whole bunch. this is the largest social program the irs has ever been asked to implement and it goes all across the economy. they enforce the individual mandate to buy health insurance or else pay a tax penalty. a mandate on businesses to provide the right kind of health insurance. there is 47 major changes to tax law that the irs will collect. and then they also have a much larger policy making rule in terms of regulations, you know, what counts as a workweek, who counts as a full time worker, seasonal worker, all kinds of things. >> paul: how many new workers have they asked for? >> well, they've asked for 1900 full time equivalents for 2014. the affordable care act office is a big part of the irs. that's about 700 people directly working on the law. and then a whole bunch of people brought in for this. >> paul: they're going to collect a lot of data from different parts of the government, aren't they? a big new database? >> right. with the health and human services department, they're building
history of public service through several administrations and the highest law enforcement official in the land could have developed an acute case of amnessia. such forgetfulness is not limited to the esteemed attorney general. it may be a resume requirement. remember chuck hagel conformation. >> i don't know enough about it. a lot of things i don't know. i don't know much about them as you do. >> hey what about hillary clinton's insistence show was not aware of the attack on the facility in benghazi. >> i don't know. i don't have information on that. i have no awareness. that we didn't know. we don't know. i had no knowledge of them. >> and let's not forget jay carney, the white house press flack. he sure so manies to forget a lot. >> there was no knowledge in the white house. we were not aware of. that why? i don't know. we simply don't have information. we don't know that. i don't have information about. that >> but the selective memory is not limited to the underlings because the president himself seems to have lost his capacitty for recollection as well. >> i am not familiar of
was private taxpayer information released into the public do nain? this is a violation of federal law. >> in terms of privacy rights. it is quite an intrusion. the irs admitted that it targeted them. but now we are hearing that they may have been targeting religious groups, like the catholic league and the billy graham evangelistic association. what gives with that? why would they investigate faith-based groups? >> those are questions we have to answer. faith-based groups, jewish groups. i think we are going to see other groups coming forward with evidence of intimidation by the ir s. was this was a blatant abuse of power. secondly, the irs repeatedly failed to answer questions, was misleading in their responses to us in both written form as well as previous hearings we had on oversight. we saw unbelievable contempt on the part of the acting commission or friday, contempt for congress and the american people. >> let's talk about that. steven miller, he didn't come there with the answers, although he did apologize for the actions, saying, quote, the irs made mistakes and made poor serv
to themselves, and they were willing to violate the law or bend the rules at least to investigative reporters. >> there is a process here, involves a notice period to the media in question. i've talked to multiple people at the ap and their lawyer. they were not notified about this as the law requires. had they been and had the obama administration been deft, they might have worked this out. they violated the provision requiring the notice. >> it's also pretty clear that the white house, well -- the ap was going to blow the cover on this story that the white house was getting ready to announce and that may be the source of all this. >> that's exactly right. to follow up on what jim was saying, there was an agreement between the white house and ap to hold this story action the story being the foiling of an al-qaeda plot for five days and then monday came and they had another quick meeting with administration officials and the ap said it was going to go ahead and publish anyway, even though the administration was going to announce this plot the next day. so the administration goes ahead, the c.
of the president's health care law. medical is live in washington with more. hi. molly. >> hi. republicans are raising questions about sarah hall ingram, who is now in charge of the irs's obamacare division. but she has been the head of the tax exempt office, while some of this targeting of conservative groups was going on. now that she'll lead the irs and monitoring everybody's health insurance and the new taxes and the new fines associated with obamacare, some on the gop are predicting more problems. >> she provided horrendous customer service under her watch and now she's going to do the same implementing obamacare. swell. this is the perfect example of why we need tax reform. >> democrats say ingram's successor didn't find out about the targeting until six months after ingram was reassigned to the obamacare division and say it's unfair to suggest she had anything to do with the targeting. >> you're satisfied with miss ingram being in charge of the irs responsibilities now? >> i have heard that -- i don't know her personally, but i've heard that she has a high degree of professionalism
, monitoring everyone's health insurance and taxes and fines associated with the health care law. and that worries some in the gop. >> she provided horrendous customer service under her watch and now she's going to do the same implementing obamacare. swell. this is the perfect -- this is a perfect example of why we need tax reform. >> but democrats say ingram's successor did not find out about the targeting until six months after. ingram was reassigned to the obamacare division and say it's unfair to suggest she had anything to do with the targeting. >> you're satisfied with miss ingram being in charge of the irs responsibilities now? >> i have heard that i don't know personally, but i've heard that she has a high degree of professionalism and that she was not in a position of responsibility over these actions. >> democratic congressman sandra levin said there is no evidence that ingram had, quote, any inkling of the problems in that tax exempt division that she used to head. jamie and kelly. >> molly henneberg, thank you so much. much more on this story coming up. kelly? >> than
of the law; am i correct on that? >> that is correct. there are many ways the citizens can serve in the process and we felt it was a great thing to encourage people to be involved in our process of elections and we still maintain that sais a good and a right and that american thing to do. >> so you file these papers and what was the first contact you had from the irs and what did they want to know? >> the first contact we had from the irs, the first general round of questions, they wanted to know things like we want to see every facebook posted and tweet you tweeted. we want to know where you have spoken insthe inception of the organization and to whom and what you said and what you intend. at some point those questions cross the line. >> we have seen a picture. this is a picture of a note bock with all of the different filings and all of the different requests that you have had that you had to submit to the irs, is that accurate? it is tall as a soda can. and that's what hay asked you for? >> that is one round. we are asked hundreds of questions. and what was the most intrusive
is going to be the law enforcement officer of who complies with obama care? they don't like that plan. >> do you think? >> this can't stand. you couldn't make this up. it is the woman who oversaw this attack on the president's political opponents is now running the irs arm of obama care? can it actually happen? no. >> well, democrats defending her saying, look, she was gone six months before her subordinates even knew about what was unfolding. democrats coming to her defense and republicans saying that's not true. that time line doesn't mesh she did oversee the subordinates who knew what was going on with the irs. >> let's be clear, there was not a single tea party group to receive irs tax exempt status for 27 months. meanwhile all kinds of left wing progressive groups got their status including flakey ones, a flake charity called the barack h. ba ramah in alexandria virginia is not even real and they got it in 32 days. >> so fast the turnover for any democratic. >> not just the republicans being prevented from entering into political debate democrats got fast tracked. >> alisyn: curi
and that was supposed to have killed the baby before the baby came out. if it didn't he will say oh, well, the law says that i can do it, i can still slit the neck because it didn't work, the needle didn't work. >> according to cross and others the needle never worked. so, the grand jury found gosnell stops trying it all together and reverted to his old system of killing babies after they were born. >> i think there is a lot of evidence here that it didn't matter to this doctor one bit whether he killed the fetus inside the womb or outside the womb. it was clear in the late term abortions he was using medications to dope up the patient and try to get the baby out and then kill it outside the womb. >> bret: the babies allegedly born alive never got names. the grand jury would refer to some by letters starting with baby boy a. >> baby boy a is born and they are so alarmed at the size and the development all developed all of the features, all of the body parts they took photographs because they were horrified this was something that was terribly wrong what was happening there and they knew it. >> bret: go
of those groups are gearing up to sue. deep concern growing with the law makers, both sides of the political aisle talking about this woman, who was in charge of the division in the heart of the scandal will leave office and implement the obama care. her office will have a say over fines and insurance coverage for millions of americans. molly heningburg starts. did ingram know about the targeting of conservative. >> democrats say there is no evidence she did and the outgoing commissioner stephen miller praised her work in the tax agency. >> why would you promote somebody to that position that was in charge of the exempt organization division that had controversy over the last couple of years? under an investigation? >> she is a superb sufficiently servant? >> she had nothing to do with this? >> i wouldn't imagine so. >> republicans are not convinced and at the very least sarah hall ingram should not be given a promotion. >> the irs will be having your family history and health history. and she ran that division while the fiasco was going on and now running the obama care enf
. it is like they are above the law. we cannot allow them to continue down the path. it is not only the irs. like you said in the introduction, i think it is a symptom of a disease. and we can't just treat the symptoms, we have to eradicate the disease. the class action lawsuit for acessing medical records that they are not allowed to acess and. they will be in charge of all of our health care? how can they be trusted. >> what is the reaction of the individual in charge of implementing obama care and given promotions and one came from the bush administration while show served at that time. and given that fact how do you so it play out? >> they were paid taxpayer bonuses. and i think there will be efforts to make sure she is not in charge. i don't understand how anybody can trust the irs to over sea obama care when they have released confidential information to organization propublica. and are they release our private medical records? this is a huge abuse of power. you cannot convince me it was not done for political reasons. how far are they going to go? this is not just about tea party ve
in the '70s when the right wing took on me and the irs so there. >> we had a series of laws passed to prevent exactly this from happening. the use of the most feared agency in the u.s. government and feared with good reason because the power to tax is the power to destroy. you are telling me, bob, if it situation were reversed and you had black groups and hispanic groups and women's groups and gay groups targeted by the irs, singled out and harassed in this kind of systematic fashion you would have no problem with it? >> i would be screaming my head off. obama has been beat every step of the way. andy hasn't -- look at hannity. he hasn't been happier than the entire week than he is now. >> sean: i haven't said a word. >> i have been watching you. >> it is not the republicans getting the obama administration on this. it is the obama administration getting themselves on this. you don't go down this road and not expect to be caught. >> there was a lot of screwups. this is the worst of the issues by far. benghazi is going to be taken care of but the irs is going to have things. and the ap was rid
. and if the irs played politics with these groups, what about enforcing the president's health care law? that's what michelle batch batch wants to know. new numbers showing that america could throw opec to the curve if it does one thing. something as bold as what jfk did. and how much money it will save you next. >> i believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal before this decade is out of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth. both maxwell and ted have hail damage to their cars. ted is trying to get a hold of his insurance agent. maxwell is not. he's on setting up an appointment with an adjuster. ted is now on hold with his insurance company. maxwell is not and just confirmed a 5:30 time for tuesday. ted, is still waiting. yes! maxwell is out and about... with ted's now ex-girlfriend. wheeeee! whoo! later ted! online claims appointments. just a click away on of mild to moderate alzheimer's disease is exelon patch. now with more treatment options, exelon patch may improve overall function and cognition. your loved one can
thought what the law was. as my lawyers i didn't break into anybody's room. i didn't beat up anybody. i didn't try to muscle the guys. i didn't. the guys acknowledged it was my stuff. even though they claim they didn't steal it. >> great football star insisted on wednesday he did nothing illegal on the night of 2007 casino hotel robbery. he is currently serving time at nevada state penitentiary after his conviction in october 2008 on charges of armed robbery, assault and kidnapping. simpson is looking for a retrial on grounds his lawyer, he claims had botched his defense. we're back to o.j. again. he is media magnet. why? >> he a media magnet he a celebrated person as ever been tried for murder. that is enough right there to keep him on front pages or front pages of the publications of grocery store line. we can't get enough of him at some level. some number of us at table see less of him and not more. >> jon: fame is owl it takes. >> he was a famous guy in his day. look, on the tape he said he was innocent. back in 1994 he said he was innocent. >> jon: the media were not so kind to him
and impartial. equality before the law and that is not what we are getting here. to try and suggest this is just bureaucratic snafus we already though that is not true. >> chris: congressman, let's turn to benghazi. you say there is no doubt that the obama administration, your words no doubt, epigage engagea coverup of benghazi in their use of the talking points. president obama pointed out that susan rice appeared on the sunday talk shows and just three days later matt olson head of the national counter terrorism center told congress that it was an act of terror. take a look at what the president said. >> who executes some sort of coverup or effort to tamp things down for three days? so the whole thing defies logic. >> chris: congressman, does the president have a point there? a three day coverup? >> look, chris, what we now know from congressional testimony is that the number two man in benghazi, the deputy chief of mission informed superiors including the secretary of state that this was a terrorist attack. those of us who had the briefings and have seen the videos know there was no protest i
are seeking shelter. >>heather: speak to me why this is expected to be such a long-lasting event, law the night tonight, into tomorrow morning. you mentioned earlier during the coverage this system really isn't going anywhere. it is just parked right there, this large low pressure system over the middle of the country, basically pulling up the gulf of mexico moisture that is refueling everything. >> we have the perfect set up for tornadoes. this is not a rare event. we do see this across this region in april, may, june. all the dynamics are there. you have the gulf of mexico moisture, the moisture that fuels the storms. you have the low pressure that comes from the rockies. a dry line separates the warm and moist air from the dry and cooler air. we like to say the clash of the two air masses helps to fuel the storms. it is a very warm air mass ahead of it with temperatures in the 80's and 90's and dew points in the upper 60's and 70's an indication that the air is juicy and ripe for thunderstorms. in this area of the country this is where we see super cell tornadoes. we have storm cha
reputable records and had been on the wrong side of the law which certainly wasn't true for me and i don't think was true for i any of us. >> that was on the obama campaign official web site, right? >> yes. >> the smear of you. then it gets out and the far left web sites start to do, what? >> well, the very same day we started seeing blowing sights and so-called journalists started to repeat those messages about us. and about me personally. and then i started losing customers at my business. we had hundreds of customers -- our emails lit up. our phone lines lit up. and we -- all hell broke loose for us. >> bill: when did the irs appear? >> well, there is one thing that happened before the irs came. that is we found an investigator working for the subcommittee for investigations or at least he said he was employed by them snoops around the courthouse. idaho courthouse my hometown for three days asking about me personally and digging into my background and kim stros sell came out and said this is the president's enemy's list. then there was an outpouring of support for us. >> bill: you don
a decent salary. >> she was possibly breaking the law. >> this is the whole problem, let's give her something to keep her. you know what? let her take the money or leaveh either do ae good job or leave! >> the excuse is they don't know anything about it. it was two lower level employees in cincinnati who dreamed this up. it's not true. i don't want to bother with's te career civil servants. they're going to be wherev they're going to be i think that there is a seriousa problem with pushing obamacare on the american people. having the irs be in charge of it. being at the helm when it goes into scandal mode and expect them they're going to start a implementingnd obamacare?re g that trial doesn't work and that's a political problem that goes straight to the white house. >> you made a p point that by making -- if there ever was a time for a catalyst for tax reform, it is now. now you've got a reason because of all these various different loopholes. >> i agree. >> to sayari okay, let's get serious about tax reform. >> how about fair abo tax? >> i like the flat tax. >> i like that.
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)